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Latest Placements

Latest Placements

Campus Placement is a chance of a lifetime. Graduating from a college is a huge accomplishment and the aim of education is to mould the students by training values and ethics including technical and communication skills.
Placements at Anurag College of Engineering had been fruitful and appraising. We are regularly conducting a Two-Week Campus Recruitment Training Programme for fourth year students at our college before placement drives which includes Aptitude, Communication Skills, Behavioral Skills and Interview Skills. TASK Training had been an added advantage to the students who have enrolled in Telangana Academy for Skill and Knowledge, Hyderabad. We have also conducted the Online Assessment Tests through AMCAT, Hiremee, Internshala, Freshersworld and which had given the students the scope of practices and encouraged students buildup their self-confidence to face the Challenging World.


We Congratulate heartily the selected students through Off-campus and On-campus Recruitment Drives:

Placement Details for the Academic Year – 2018-19

Department Wise Placement Details – 2019
Department Name No. of Placements Eligible for Placements
Electronics and Communication Engineering 50
Computer Science and Engineering 36
Electrical and Electronics Engineering 19
Mechanical Engineering 26
Total 132

Placements for the Academic year 2018-19

Roll Number Name of the Student Company Recruited Dept.-Year
15PQ1A0542 Joshi Arun Kumar TCS CSE-2019
15PQ1A0418 Chitta Krishna Chaitanya TCS ECE-2019
15PQ1A0457 Snehitha Mugdasani CapGemini ECE-2019
15PQ1A0598 Vemuri Vyshnavi CapGemini CSE-2019
15PQ1A0231 Tulasi Vijay Cognizant (CTS) EEE-2019
15PQ1A0598 Vemuri Vyshnavi Cognizant (CTS) CSE-2019
15PQ1A0518 B Kavya CSSI CSE-2019
15PQ1A0546 K Uma Devi CSSI CSE-2019
16PQ5A0502 N Sahithi EIDIKO CSE-2019
15PQ1A0584 S Sridhar Reddy EIDIKO CSE-2019
16PQ5A0504 R Sai Kiran EIDIKO CSE-2019
15PQ1A0424 G Sirisha AMAZON ECE-2019
15PQ1A0507 A Siri Chandana AMAZON CSE-2019
15PQ1A0509 A. Ashwitha Reddy AMAZON CSE-2019
15PQ1A0561 M Kalpana PathFront CSE-2019
15PQ1A0565 M Rajitha Bhargavi PathFront CSE-2019
15PQ1A0571 N Krishnaveni PathFront CSE-2019
15PQ1A0597 V. Indu PathFront CSE-2019
15PQ1A0402 Akkamchitti Anil Kumar JUST DIAL ECE-2019
15PQ1A0405 Badampet Srikar JUST DIAL ECE-2019
15PQ1A0433 Janna Guru Prasad JUST DIAL ECE-2019
15PQ1A459 Naredlawar Vinay Kumar JUST DIAL ECE-2019
15PQ1A0509 A Ashwitha Reddy HGS CSE-2019
15PQ1A0440 K. Greeshma HGS ECE-2019
15PQ1A0580 M Priyadarshini HGS CSE-2019
15PQ1A0433 J Guru Prasad HGS ECE-2019
15PQ1A0520 B Krishna Bharathi HGS CSE-2019
15PQ1A0477 T. Vishal HGS ECE-2019
15PQ1A0590 B. Shravya HGS CSE-2019
15PQ1A0478 V. Deeksha HGS ECE-2019
15PQ1A0507 A. Siri Chandana HGS CSE-2019
15PQ1A0561 M. Kalpana HGS CSE-2019
15PQ1A0578 P. Sai Krishna HGS CSE-2019
15PQ1A0553 Kola Namratha HGS CSE-2019
15PQ1A0223 P. Harshitha HGS EEE-2019
15PQ1A0512 B. Pragna HGS CSE-2019
15PQ1A0575 N. Sampath Reddy HGS CSE-2019
15PQ1A0551 K Rishik Reddy HGS CSE-2019
15PQ1A0228 R Mukesh Baba HGS EEE-2019
15PQ1A0584 S. Sreedhar Reddy HGS CSE-2019
15PQ1A0212 K. Nithin HGS EEE-2019
15PQ1A0402 A. Anil Kumar HGS ECE-2019
15PQ1A0535 G. Sindhu VEON Consulting CSE-2019
15PQ1A0522 D. Vinay J Varma VEON Consulting CSE-2019
15PQ1A0590 B Shravya VEON Consulting CSE-2019
15PQ1A0578 P Sai Krishna VEON Consulting CSE-2019
15PQ1A0477 T. Vishal VEON Consulting ECE-2019
15PQ1A0518 B Kavya Genesis Poweronics P Ltd CSE-2019
15PQ1A0305 B Sai Kiran Reddy Aliens Group P Ltd ME-2019
15PQ1A0507 A. Siri Chandana C3I Support Services CSE-2019
15PQ1A0469 S. Eshwar Som C3I Support Services ECE-2019
17PQ1A0475 V. Mounish Kumar C3I Support Services ECE-2021
16PQ1A0485 G. Aishwarya C3I Support Services ECE-2020
16PQ1A0499 V. Dwanika C3I Support Services ECE-2020
15PQ1A0322 J Praneeth Reddy Prathiraj Metal Industries P Ltd ME-2019
15PQ1A0353 P Sandeep Kumar Prathiraj Metal Industries P Ltd ME-2019
15PQ1A0356 S Rohith Prathiraj Metal Industries P Ltd ME-2019
15PQ1A0343 N. Srikanth RANE Engine Valves P Ltd ME-2019
15PQ1A0339 M. Rakesh RANE Engine Valves P Ltd ME-2019
16PQ5A0304 A. Madhu RANE Engine Valves P Ltd ME-2019
15PQ1A0360 S. Rajesh RANE Engine Valves P Ltd ME-2019
15PQ1A0369 V. Rakesh RANE Engine Valves P Ltd ME-2019
15PQ1A0321 H. Shiva Kumar RANE Engine Valves P Ltd ME-2019
16PQ5A0313 M. Narender RANE Engine Valves P Ltd ME-2019
15PQ1A0361 T. Gowtham RANE Engine Valves P Ltd ME-2019
15PQ1A0315 D. Mani Chandra RANE Engine Valves P Ltd ME-2019
15PQ1A0362 T. Sai Krishna HMA Automation Systems ME-2019
15PQ1A0350 T Joseph Lourdu Raju HMA Automation Systems ME-2019
15PQ1A0460 N. Aishwarya Techona Enterprises ECE-2019
15PQ1A0456 M. Sai Jyoshna Techona Enterprises ECE-2019
15PQ1A0424 G. Sirisha Techona Enterprises ECE-2019
15PQ1A0442 K. Bhargavi Reddy Techona Enterprises ECE-2019
15PQ1A0403 A. Neelima Techona Enterprises ECE-2019
15PQ1A0421 E. Spandhana Techona Enterprises ECE-2019
15PQ1A0401 A. Harika Techona Enterprises ECE-2019
15PQ1A0426 G. Manasa Chowdary Techona Enterprises ECE-2019
15PQ1A0409 B. Sireesha Reddy Techona Enterprises ECE-2019
15PQ1A0440 K. Greeshma Reddy Techona Enterprises ECE-2019
15PQ1A0406 B. Bhavya Sree Techona Enterprises ECE-2019
15PQ1A0481 Y. Sowjanya Techona Enterprises ECE-2019
15PQ1A0421 E. Spandana Techona Enterprises ECE-2019
15PQ1A0223 P. Harshitha Techona Enterprises EEE-2019
15PQ1A0208 Charitha Sree Techona Enterprises EEE-2019
15PQ1A0218 M. Thapasya Techona Enterprises EEE-2019
15PQ1A0229 T. Manasa Techona Enterprises EEE-2019
16PQ5A0204 B. Ramya Techona Enterprises EEE-2019
15PQ1A0215 K. Vijay Surya Tech Solutions EEE-2019
15PQ1A0228 R. Mukesh Baba Surya Tech Solutions EEE-2019
15PQ1A0217 K. Naveen Surya Tech Solutions EEE-2019
16PQ5A0210 K. Naresh Goud Surya Tech Solutions EEE-2019
16PQ5A0208 I. Kranthi Kumar Surya Tech Solutions EEE-2019
16PQ5A0203 B. Rajanikanth Surya Tech Solutions EEE-2019
16PQ5A0207 G. Suresh Surya Tech Solutions EEE-2019
16PQ5A0206 G. Veeranna Surya Tech Solutions EEE-2019
16PQ5A0205 G. Mallikarjun Surya Tech Solutions EEE-2019
16PQ5A0202 A. Venkata Ramesh Surya Tech Solutions EEE-2019
16PQ5A0401 B. Sai Kumar Surya Tech Solutions ECE-2019
15PQ1A0444 K. Sai Kumar Surya Tech Solutions ECE-2019
15PQ1A0450 K. Ajay Surya Tech Solutions ECE-2019
15PQ1A0 M. Srikanth Surya Tech Solutions ECE-2019
15PQ1A0413 B. ManiSai Reddy Surya Tech Solutions ECE-2019
15PQ1A0459 N. Vinay Kumar Surya Tech Solutions ECE-2019
15PQ1A0466 P. Nikhil Kumar Reddy Surya Tech Solutions ECE-2019
16PQ5A0405 N. Ajay Kumar Surya Tech Solutions ECE-2019
15PQ1A0405 B. Srikar Surya Tech Solutions ECE-2019
15PQ1A0477 T. Vishal Surya Tech Solutions ECE-2019
15PQ1A0412 B. Naveen Surya Tech Solutions ECE-2019
15PQ1A0434 J. Sharath Kumar Surya Tech Solutions ECE-2019
15PQ1A0414 Ch. Venugopal Reddy Surya Tech Solutions ECE-2019
15PQ1A0428 G. Mahendar Surya Tech Solutions ECE-2019
15PQ1A0427 G. Bharath Reddy Surya Tech Solutions ECE-2019
15PQ1A0360 S. Rajesh Surya Tech Solutions MECH-2019
15PQ1A0339 M. Rakesh Surya Tech Solutions MECH-2019
15PQ1A0322 J. Praneeth Reddy Surya Tech Solutions MECH-2019
15PQ1A0310 B. Gyaandeep Surya Tech Solutions MECH-2019
16PQ5A0313 M. Narender Surya Tech Solutions MECH-2019
15PQ1A0331 K Praveen Reddy Surya Tech Solutions MECH-2019
15PQ1A0312 Ch. Uday Kumar Surya Tech Solutions MECH-2019
15PQ1A0332 K. Uday Kumar Surya Tech Solutions MECH-2019
15PQ1A0321 H. Shiva Kumar Surya Tech Solutions MECH-2019
15PQ1A0326 J. Mahender Reddy Surya Tech Solutions MECH-2019
15PQ1A0369 V. Rakesh Surya Tech Solutions MECH-2019
16PQ5A0303 A. Koteswara Rao Surya Tech Solutions MECH-2019
15PQ1A0477 Thumma Vishal Aradhya’s Brilliance Center ECE-2019
15PQ1A0546 K. Uma Devi Aradhya’s Brilliance Center CSE-2019
15PQ1A0535 G. Sindhu Aradhya’s Brilliance Center CSE-2019