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National Service Scheme

National Service Scheme

• Introduction of Social service for students, Proposed by Dr Sarve palli Radha Krishnan
to develop healthy contacts between teachers and students to establish constructive relation between the colleges and community.
• Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru In 1958 proposed social work is prerequisite for graduation. He wrote letters to the entire CM’s for implementation.
• In 1959 Dr.C D Deshmukh, In 1960 Prof K G SAIYIDAIN, during 1964-66 Dr D S Kothari
suggested social service for students under Education Commission.
• During 1967-69 Vice Chancellors Student leaders welcomed the recommendation to start NCC, NSO and NSS in Academic Institutions On 24th September,1969 Dr VKRVRao The Union Education Minister launched NATIONAL SERVICE SCHEME Program in 37 universities with 40000 volunteers during the Gandhi Centenary year.

Name of the Faculty Designation Qualification Contact Number E-Mail ID
Mr. M. Praveen NSS Program Officer M.Tech (Parallel & Distributed Systems) 9849795607

1. Should be a regular student
2. Must attended the orientation programmes
3. Participate in the Special camps
4. Culturally Sound
5. Capable of building team leadership
6. Capable to cope up with the camping atmosphere

Special Activities
1. Disaster Management
2. Education Human Values/ Adult Education
3. Aids Awareness Camp, Blood Donation,Plantation,Immunization,HIV/AIDS
4. District Level Camps, State Level Camps, National Level Camps
5. International Camps,NSS Adventure Training Camps
6. National Level Workshop and Seminars, National Level Youth Convention
8. Youth Festivals: College level, Dist.Level, Univ.Level, State Level, National Level

Special camping programs
1. Functional literacy
2. Environmental protection
3. Life style education
4. Women development -gender justice
5. Communal Harmony-National Integration

Other Programs

1. Inter collegiate camps
2. Inter University Camps
3. Pre RD Camps
4. RD Camps
5. National Integration Camps
6. Adventure Programs
7. Youth Exchange Programs
8. District Level youth leadership camps
9. Youth Festivals
10.Relief Camps (Earthquakes, Flood Relief, etc.,)


1. Special Camp certificate will be give by college NSS Unit when camp is conducted by NSS Unit.
2. Regular NSS Certificate / 240 hours Regular NSS Certificate.
3. It will be issued by University authority NSS Cell who have participated in Regular NSS Activities for 240 hours in their academic year and participated in 2 Special Camps.
4. Best Volunteer Award at college level
5. It can be given by college at academic year ending for 3 or 5 members.
6. State Awards
7. National Awards
8. Reservation in P.G. Courses
9. Preference in recruitment of certain jobs