The College & Mandatory Disclosure

The implementation of ideas through new products, systems, and services is the essence of engineering as a socially responsible profession. The rapid changes in electrical, electronics, and computer technology and the diversity of applications require a broad educational background and a lifelong commitment to learning new and specialized information.
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Hearty Congratulations to Rahul Chavan, Ganti Sirisha, Eshwar Somu, M Spandhana and K Sai Sruthi for being the Runner up in Smart City Hackathon -2018 Contest .

The College is excellent and well maintained, the library is run on professional lines
--Prof. D.N Reddy, VC JNTU(H)
Very few private colleges in India have such a massive collection of books and journals. I am sure this will hugely benefit the students
--Mr. Ravikanth Reddy, Special Correspondent, The Hindu